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Customer Development: hypothesis stages
Customer development – CustDev or Kasdev – The main tool of any startup and business

Statistically, up to 90% of startups fail in the early stages. An unimaginable amount of money and time is invested in them, but they do not bring the proper results....

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Canvas (Osterwalder) business models example and template

  In fact, the business model means something different to each company. We include a rather complex history in this concept. In fact, the business model is what your product...

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Distribution of stake in business startup flat design
How to distribute shares in a business and a startup

The vast majority of people share the project equally, avoiding the discomfort of discussing unequal division. However, it's a time bomb and that's why. Imagine that you and your partner...

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And you've got a big one.
How to calculate the start-up market, volume and share

One of the key questions that an investor asks a potential investment fund consumer and wants to hear a super answer to it is: How big is the market for...

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