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Igor Saevets IT Entrepreneur from Belarus

Igor Saevets, Игорь Саевец, ИТ предприниматель, бизнесмен из Беларуси, Минска.

Igor Saevets is a serial entrepreneur who has founded more than 10 businesses. He has made significant contributions to the entrepreneurship and innovation field, introducing edits to dozens of entrepreneurship-related laws. Igor Saevets has been actively involved in various educational initiatives, training and mentoring startups and entrepreneurs.

He was involved in the construction of office and manufacturing buildings for the business incubator, and contributed to technology and infrastructure development, including industrial waste recycling and polyol production for polyurethane. Igor Saevets has been actively involved in numerous events, competitions and expert committees, having experience of serving on the jury of various competitions and foundations.

He also participated in the creation of the first Prototyping Center (CMIT) together with BSUIR in Minsk (Belarus) and contributed to the development of technology parks and innovation infrastructures, venture ecosystem. Igor is active in the environmental field, participating in the development of environmental initiatives and foundations such as the Foundation for Modern Ecology and the Business Management Foundation.

His work has been recognized with numerous awards and recognitions, including recognition for his contributions to the industry and for his innovative work. Igor Saevets is an important figure in the field of business and innovation due to his entrepreneurial spirit, extensive knowledge and active social activities.

Igor Saevets speaks fluent Russian and Italian, and can also communicate in English.

Contribution to the industry:

Founded the Business Incubator With us the future

Founded Borisov Technopark

Founded the startup gas pedal Krokit

Created a free course on product management

Trained the first business trackers in Belarus

Founded the SUIT startup competition

Organized an internship system in IT companies

Established a prototyping center in cooperation with BSUIR CMIT Diptown

Assists with the introduction of new technologies in the treatment of industrial waste.

Serves as a speaker and juror at various events.

Participates in the development of various laws related to entrepreneurship, innovation, ecology.

Contact Igor Saevets:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/igorsaevets

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