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About us

Business. Investment. Innovation.
Свидетельство инкубатор малого предпринимательства бизнес-инкубатор

What we do

Business incubator With us the future is a semi-commercial organization that helps budding entrepreneurs.

Our Focus is manufacturing companies, IT startups and unusual businesses.

We specialize in

Starting a business

We help start-up entrepreneurs start a business starting from the business idea stage. We have a guaranteed business start-up methodology, because we have already launched more than 15 of their own businesses.


In addition to our investments, we have more than 200 private investors in partnership. As well as the experience of attracting foreign grant (free, not returned money) investments.

IT Startups

We have launched an IT startup training program. Where in 3 months startups are guaranteed to get the first profit or increase it by 2-8 times. As well as will receive investments of 10-50 thousand. $

What makes us distinctive from others? Our work, our passion and our people.

Игорь Саевец 400px
Igor SavetsDirector
I keep my word.

Founded more than 10 businesses. Trained IT startups for Google, Sberbank, HSE, FRI, …

Карягин Владимир Николаевич
Vladimir KaryaginMentor
Business Ombudsman

Chairman of the Supreme Coordinating Council of the “Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”

Николай Саевец
Nikolai SaevetsCo-Founder
Very experienced

He was one of the first entrepreneurs of the USSR. Founded more than 15 businesses.